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Production process

Suiker Unie has organised its production processes as efficiently as possible in order to minimise losses and waste. A smoothly running production process is essential to a sustainable operation. Suiker Unie is an adherent of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Our staff work in teams to make improvements to the processes. TPM increases productivity and reduces losses and waste.

Key priorities are:
  • the lowest possible energy consumption
  • minimal use of processing aids
  • minimal waste through maximum re-use
  • separation of waste
  • prevention/limitation of inconvenience to local residents (odours, noise, traffic)
  • employee safety
  • organising the work so that staff remain motivated
  • reducing the use of water
  • optimal process control to reduce energy consumption.

Production process
Suiker Unie is constantly extracting more value from the sugar beet. The beet are washed when they arrive at the factory. The organic matter in the washing water is converted into biogas in methane reactors and the biomass digester. The soil recovered from the beet is re-used to raise farmland and in construction works such as dykes. Other residual flows are also re-used. Beet pulp is processed into animal feed or converted into biogas in the biomass digester. Molasses serves as a raw material for the fermentation industry.

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