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Mission & goals

For us, sustainability means extracting the maximum yield from the sugar beet plants. Sugar beet remains the most important raw material for our sugar and sugar products. And we also produce animal feed. However, we want to use the beet even more effectively, e.g. by producing sustainable energy.
Suiker Unie wants to achieve a position of leadership in optimally and sustainably adding value to all components of the sugar beet for its customers, growers and employees.
Suiker Unie cooperates with its growers and partners to shape a better future. We do so by continuously improving local cultivation methods and our processes for producing food and other useful products from sugar beets. Obviously, with respect for people and the planet.

  • Collaborate with the Sugar and Nutrition Knowledge Centre (Kenniscentrum Suiker en Voeding) to give consumers accurate information about sugar and its use.
  • Reduce the accident rate (SCC) to less than 10 in 2020.
  • Reduce local environmental complaints to no more than 1 per year at each production site.

  • Achieve an average yield of 16.2 tonnes per hectare of sugar beets in the Netherlands in 2020.
  • Purchase 100% Bonsucro (or equivalent) certified cane sugar in 2020.
  • 100% of the Dutch beet growers comply with the SAI gold standard in 2019 through participation in Unitip.

  • Achieve a 40% reduction in our carbon footprint in 2020 (relative to 1990).
  • Achieve a 50% energy saving in 2020 (relative tot 1990).