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Sustainable sourcing & agriculture

Sugar is extracted from sugar beet in the Netherlands. This arable crop contains a high concentration of glucose and fructose. When combined, glucose and fructose form sucrose, i.e. the sugar we buy in the shops.

Sugar beets grow well in our climate. The foliage protrudes above the ground and absorbs the sunlight required for photosynthesising sugar. A large amount of oxygen is released during this process, so sugar beet fields are the oxygen producer par excellence in the world of arable farming. The sugar refined from sugar beet is a completely natural sweetener, without any additives. Sugar not only makes countless foods deliciously sweet, it also enhances the natural flavour and helps preserve food products. As a member of the carbohydrate family, sugar delivers the energy we require every day. 

Suiker Unie attaches importance to protecting nature as effectively as possible. For example, by promoting biodiversity, conserving the countryside and properly managing the soil and groundwater. Cultivation and nature also go hand-in-hand. Suiker Unie promotes sustainable beet cultivation through special growing programmes and participation in biodiversity projects.