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Invert sugar syrup

Basic properties of invert sugar syrups:
  • Good moisture stabilizer as a result of which products keep fresh (e.g. cake and tobacco).
  • Improves organoleptic properties of fruit aromas.
  • Baking products get a nice golden-brown colour relatively quickly, in addition to a nice taste (e.g. gingerbread, brownies).
  • Preserving properties thanks to the reduction of water activity (e.g. fruit preparations, preserved food).
  • Inhibits crystallization in sweets (e.g. fondant).
  • Freezing point lowering effect (e.g. sorbet stays softer and easier to scoop).
Functionality in applications
  Texture Aroma/Taste Freezing point lowering Colour mixture Moisture regulation Crystallization inhibitor Shelf life
Muesli bars        
Ice cream        
Sweets (fondant)            
Preserved food/pickles          
Fruit preparations