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Soft sugar

Soft sugar is made by blending carefully sieved granulated sugar with a specific invert sugar syrup.

Basic properties of soft sugar:

  • Made by carefully mixing granulated sugar with a specific particle size and invert sugar syrup.
  • A larger particle size or a higher dose of invert sugar syrup results in a thicker syrup layer and a 'fattier' character.
  • Sugar syrup and caramel are added to yellow and brown soft sugars (flavour and colour effect).
Functional advantages of soft sugar:
  • The end product browns faster during baking, improving flavour and colour (Maillard reaction because of the invert sugar).
  • The end product stays fresh longer and has an extended shelf life.
  • Highly suitable for creating a characteristic, tasty sugar layer (for instance on Chelsea buns).
  • White soft sugar dissolves quicker in dough (compared to granulated sugar).
  • The caramel and sugar syrup in the brown soft sugar add a nice colour and a characteristic, delicious flavour to baking products and sauces.
Functionality in applications
  Brown colouring Better flavour: fuller, caramelly Freshness
Treacle waffle
Spiced biscuits  
Sponge cake    
Chelsea buns