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Sugar syrups

Basic properties of sugar syrups:
  • Obtained from crystallizing sugar. 
  • Product is purified, filtered and pasteurized.
  • Deep brown colour.
  • Aromatic (sweet/salty) in taste.
  • Viscous.
  • Long shelf life.

Functional advantages of use
Product Properties Used in Advantages
Special industrial syrup
  • Deep brown colour and aromatic in taste
  • Sweet/salty balance: sweetest of the dark syrups in the assortment  

  • Bakery products
  • Breakfast cereals

  • Muesli bars

  • Treacle waffle syrup

  • Cough syrups


  • Large assortment in characteristic tastes 

  • Long shelf life

  • When delivered at high temperature, easily pumpable and ready for use in your production process

  • Natural product (without E-numbers)
Dark sugar syrup
  • Deeper brown than Special Industrial syrup
  • Also aromatic in taste
  • Slightly less sweet than Special industrial syrup
  • More viscous than Special industrial syrup due to higher Brix value
  • Higher concentration of molasses
  • Deeper brown than Dark sugar syrup
  • Stronger in taste than Dark sugar syrup  

  • Important flavour in, for instance, liquorice, soy sauce, soup sauces, marinades, dressings, batter mixes 

  • As natural colorant in, for instance, (rye) bread, dark cake products, breakfast cereals and sweets (e.g. jelly gum)
Purified molasses
  • Darkest and saltiest syrup with characteristic taste
DB syrup
  • Blend of different molasses (sugarcane and beet)