Afdeling  R&D
Periode  As soon as possible for around 4 months
Opleidingsrichting Biobased economy
Gewenste niveau  HBO/BSc/MSc
Korte omschrijving opdracht  1. The intern will work on the development of business in the biobased economy. Tasks include screening and scouting of biobased possibilities, desk research to gather info on market/technologies&processes/competition and finally funnelling of the top ideas. Ultimate goal will be to develop a business case of the top 3 opportunities.
2. The intern will help in the development of the communication and marketing of SU’s biobased business. He/she will have to compile a presentation to be used as template by SU for external and internal communication, make a flyer on biobased efforts, write a report on the advantages of sucrose vs. other sugars and monitor competition. 
Gewenste competenties 1. Chemistry, (Bio)chemical engineering, Biotechnology
Affinity for business, independent
2. Biotechnology, affinity to business/marketing is a must, good in communication of ideas on paper, independent, should be proficient both in NL and ENG 
Naam begeleider Marilia Foukaraki
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