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Challenging career at Suiker Unie

To candidates with the proper qualifications, experience and ambition, Suiker Unie is able to offer interesting jobs. Among others in the following areas: agricultural affairs, production, technology, marketing, sales, logistics and finances. The intake is limited, but those who pass the selection procedure are given ample opportunity for a challenging career, with independent and varied work. Suiker Unie feels very strongly about the development of talent. Training courses and work experience allow you to continuously deepen and widen your knowledge and skills.

Who would fit in well at Suiker Unie?

Practically oriented professionals with a thorough education and a healthy dose of ambition. They are enterprising and result-oriented team players. Graduates from intermediate and higher vocational education and university. Thinkers and doers, generalists and specialists.

We value initiative. Our style is down to earth, also because of our roots in agriculture. With our feet firmly on the ground, but in particular also with vision. We are professionals and are passionate about our profession. Whether it concerns agriculture, production, technology, marketing & sales, logistics or finances.